I am a Breast Cancer Survivor

First of all, I want to thank God because I have been blessed with a loving family and friends that helped me survive this illness. I was deeply emotional involved in the creation of the Breast Cancer Awareness collection. It has some of our designs and the contribution of other artists as well. My husband Willie and I have endure ups and downs of being Survivors and want to share words of encouragement and hope to other Survivors, caretakers, family members, medical staff, friends, loved ones and everyone who support a Breast Cancer patient. And as the quotes depicts in the t shirts, mugs or pillows I AM A SURVIVOR, I am BLESSED, I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, I have HOPE, I WALK BY FAITH and I TRUST HIM EVEN IN THE UNKNOW! Sending Love to all the beautiful and loved survivors that we have met, to the Doctors and dearest friends that have been supporting us throughout this journey.