The Story behind the Headbands from "Infinitos Recuerdos"

The designs of these headbands are inspired on the mural "Infinitos Recuerdos de Doña Fela" located at the entrance of the Old San Juan. This spectacular mural is a mosaic made from hundreds of ceramic tiles pieces and was created by the talented artists Celso Gonzalez and Roberto Biaggi from CeroDesigns.

Every time we pass by the mural, we admire the details depicted on it and decided to take some pictures. This leads us to want to share these beautiful images with other people, who may not notice the detailed artwork and historical meaning. What a better way than to turn it into wearable art that people can have and enjoy.

We decided to contact the artists and ask for permission to use the mural photos not knowing whether they would allow us to do so; for our surprise they agreed. And so that is how these creations became available for you to wear and cherish. 



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